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Welcome to LifeTrends, where virtually every day, I’m taking a phone call or fielding emails from PRCs across America. Sometimes it’s a question, others it is a heartfelt need. At LifeTrends, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for more than 10 years.

I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a PRC’s Executive Director, as a board member, a consultant and now—through LifeTrends—I enjoy serving you whenever I’m needed.

At LifeTrends our vision is simple: Serving those who serve in PRCs. We do this by providing practical, effective development tools that do two things:

1. Make your job in raising funds easier by saving you time and effort
2. Provide powerful ideas to launch your development plan to new heights

Today we serve more than 1100 ministries here and abroad. When you have a question or need to bounce an idea off of someone, feel free to contact me—because I’m here to help. That’s what makes LifeTrends special: We’re here when needed.

We have several effective resources on this site—to assist you in raising more funds than you imagined. Each is designed through more than 20 years of PRC experience.

In the ten years since we opened the doors, we’ve visited more than 200 PRCs, written literally thousands of pages of development materials, and in the process, assisted our ministries in raising more than $20 million.

Take a look at what we have to offer. And if you have a question or a need, get in touch. That’s why we’re here. To serve you, as you serve those who come in your door.

The Wall

New Book
By Kirk Walden

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