The WOW Banquet

Written by one who has experience with hundreds of fundraising dinners, The WOW Banquet—with 200+ pages of insight—gives you the inside scoop on what works, what doesn’t, and what you can do to take your event to an entirely new level.

LifeTrends’ newest—and perhaps most effective—resource is for the PRC that is ready for its most powerful fundraising dinner ever. If you want to be smiling with joy after your next event, this manual is for you.

What’s inside:

How to reach men (by a guy who knows what we’re thinking)

Secret keys to staying on message and on time

The untold needs of your guests—and how to meet each one

When to ditch conventional banquet principles in order to gain stunning results

Whether your next banquet is your first or 31st, The WOW Banquet will give you plenty of “Aha” ideas, along with “YES!” results.

Price: $124

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